Mobile Device Management

An effective mobile device management solution enables a company to secure it’s data while ensuring the highest levels of productivity. The question is not whether a business should employ MDM software but which software most suits their requirements. This is because mobile devices are now as much a part of a company’s IT infrastructure as desktop computers. They offer similar functionality to the desktop, require as much investment, and most importantly, increase security risks across a network.

So, what exactly is mobile device management and what benefits does it bring to the table? Essentially MDM software provides organisations with the ability to oversee and control their mobile assets in much the same way as they currently manage their fixed IT infrastructure. The software itself and related user interface can be installed on site or hosted in the cloud. Via this interface administrators can remotely control and monitor mobile handsets, tablets and laptops. Practically this means that an organisation can now:

  • Asset Track all devices remotely monitoring the location and travel patterns.
  • Remotely distribute applications across multiple operating platforms, manufacturers, service providers and devices types (mobiles, tablets, laptops…. etc.) silently and without any employee interaction.
  • Provision assets remotely including their enrolment and the configuration of set user and company data (apps, user & VPN settings, proxies…etc.).
  • Dictate individual security levels via specified encryption levels, and set Authentication standards such as biometric and two-factor access.
  • Retire or lock down assets remotely. Backing up data and/or wiping devices of all company data where necessary.
  • Control corporate data by setting rules for access levels and logging who accesses what files and when.
  • Restrict/allow mobile usage types – Turn off/on the ability for data roaming, international calls…etc. and avoid unforeseen charges.
  • Restrict/allow device functionality – Turn off/on specific functions on a device such as the camera, Bluetooth, making and/or receiving calls…etc.
  • Restrict internet and app usage – Bar access to non-productive applications such as Facebook, Instagram…etc. Or simply bar specific types of website such as adult, gambling or streaming services.

If you are considering implementing MDM software or reviewing your existing set-up we’re confident we can design and deliver the solution you need.