How do we deliver?

Our experience has taught us that the success of any telecoms solution, regardless of complexity, is defined by the effectiveness of three Key Areas:

  •   Consultation - This is the foundation of your solution and everything else follows on from here. This enables us to define your present and future requirements and then design a solution around them.
  •   Project Management - The set-up and implementation of any solution needs to be carefully planned down to the finest detail. We believe that businesses should reap the benefits of a telecom solution, not suffer because of it and so JHL fully project manage each of our solutions to ensure that they are set-up as per our clients expectations.
  •   Account Management - Telecom solutions are fluid. They need to evolve to meet changing demands and be managed to remain relevant. Amendments need to be proactively applied and any issues resolved as quickly as physically possible. Time, resources, and expertise are essential to successfully maintain any solution. This requires expertise of the products and their supplier/manufacturers.

To ensure the success of each stage JHL provide our clients with four named specialist members of staff. Their purpose is to ensure that our solutions are immediately effective and remain so throughout their life time:

  • Consultant - Your consultant is responsible for designing your solution. This is their sole responsibility. They take the time to understand you and your business with a view to defining your exact requirements and preferences. With your input, they will continually adapt your solution until it's a perfect fit for your business.
  • Project Manager - On accepting your consultant's proposed solution we then assign a named project manager. They are tasked with ensuring that your solution is implemented as smoothly as possible. They take care of all the fine details, processing your order, and project managing your solution from start to finish. They'll keep you up to date throughout the entire set-up process.
  • Account Manager - Your named account manager takes over after the successful implementation of your solution. They are your main point of contact supporting every aspect of your account from resolving any issues as and when they arise, to proactively suggesting improvements and amendments. Their role is to constantly optimize the effectiveness of your solution.
  • Solution Specialist - Your named Solutions Specialist is on hand to provide expertise and advice on any telecom product or service that you’d like to investigate. Should you wish to explore the viability of one of our solutions or even a product we don't currently offer then your solution specialist will take care of this, providing advice and support as and when required.

If you’d like to know more about your named contacts or any of our services & products, contact us today.