Hosted Telephony & Email


In simple terms, Hosted Telephony (also known as cloud telephony) utilises the Internet to facilitate office based communication as opposed to traditional landlines. This technology enables the modern business to enhance their existing communication capability with a view to never missing that important business call, while reducing capital & operational expenditure.

JHL have partnered with a select number of innovative networks to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to meet and exceed your current and future business requirements. We provide cost-effective, reliable, and secure hosted communication solutions, avoiding the headaches and expenses associated with a fixed line deployment. Our hosted solutions offer:

  • Reliability - Using the most up-to-date hardware located in fully redundant data centres, Quality Service protocols, and carrier grade resilience ensures high quality calls with 99.9999% up time.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – Cloud technology ensures all services and data are backed up regularly. Automatic Disaster Recovery plans allow you to continue to run your business in the event of the unforeseen happening.
  • Security - Your hardware is located off site at state-of-the-art ultra-secure and reliable data centres. This improves security and removes the need to store and maintain an on-site fixed telephone system
  • Latest technology - Often referred to as ‘future proofing’, cloud based systems are automatically upgraded with new features and functionality as and when they become available ensuring that your system never becomes outdated.
  • Low capital expenditure – You do not need to make a large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system. The “Pay-for-what-you-use” model avoids large up-front costs and there are no hidden maintenance or upgrade costs.
  • Information Management – Web access to your system gives you full (real-time) details including usage statistics and account information. Additionally, user set-up and management can be performed via online portals.
  • Flexibility and Scalability – With cloud telephony you can add end users and sites quickly and easily often without the need for wide scale changes to existing infrastructures.

If you are in the process of reviewing your Fixed Lines & Calls we have the expertise and experience required to design and deliver the solution you need.


Hosted Email, like telephony, is a cloud based application which enables businesses to move their email server and infrastructure off site and into the cloud. There are numerous benefits associated with implementing this type of solution:

  • Security - highest level encryption, inbuilt anti-spam and anti-virus software, off-site super secure data centres
  • Redundancy – no longer reliant on in-house hardware or data connectivity. If, for whatever reason your server failed then email facilities would remain unaffected.
  • Data Integrity & Disaster recovery - muti-site data centre back-up
  • Future proof - All software upgrades and development applied automatically as and when they become available.
  • Management – True remote management of all users - lock out and wipe accounts, , self-service password resets, applying users settings and updates in real time without need to accces any physical hardware.
  • Capital Expenditure  – No need for a mail server and the related management and maintenance costs. No need to upgrade as hardware becomes outdated or fails. There’s also no need to purchase and maintain a separate anti-spam/virus software as these come as standard with our hosted email solutions.
  • Network Efficiency  – reduces burden on in-house network infrastructure. Email traffic will no longer need to be stored on it’s own email server reducing the burden on increasing speeds, reducing storage requirements & energy requirements
  • Latest technology – Skype integration, sharepoint, instant messaging, online meetings, collaborative working, calender sharing
  • Remote working – Increases the viability of implementing a remote working strategy be removing the need for VPN’s without reducing security levels.