Data Connectivity

At JHL we understand the importance of your data connectivity and the fact that your solution must be based on both your existing strategy and future expectations. As such our solutions include:

  • Business Analysis (what do you use your broadband for?)
  • Data Usage Analysis
  • Define future requirements and business strategy (speed, usage, security & stability)
  • Product identification, and recommendations (from only tier one carriers).
  • Project manage the set-up of your connection to minimise disruption
  • Regularly monitor, manage, and resolve any issues to ensure optimised performance.
  • Named Account Manager
  • Named Project Manager

So precisely what do we mean by data connectivity. It refers to broadband and its ability to transfer data, enabling access to the internet, email, hosted applications, and a myriad of products & services. Data connectivity’s importance to business has grown in line with the number of products/services that utilise the internet. This is especially true of hosted or cloud based products.

It’s no longer a question of whether we need data connectivity but how fast, secure, and stable it needs to be. There are multiple options on this front ranging from a standard ADSL connection right through to an IPVPN. Increasingly, organisations are now discovering that their existing broadband connection is no longer fit for purpose because we must all evolve and adapt to….

  • Changing ways of working with home & remote working resulting in increasing use of existing bandwidth i.e. field workers using VPN.
  • Increasing Video Calling & Online Meetings.
  • Hosted (Cloud) applications enabling improvements in performance and efficiency (Email, CRMs, Backup Policy…etc.).
  • Hosted Telephony reducing capital expenditure but requiring dedicated bandwidth
  • Changing download & upload requirements resulting in increasing file sizes & types).
  • Changing nature of ever increasing internet usage (streaming videos) and web content (feature rich video and imagery) requiring more bandwidth.
  • Multi-site data connections sharing resources and infrastructure.

If you are reviewing your data connectivity JHL are best placed to advise you on your options and the perfect solution for your business.