Business Utilities

Business Utilities are often overlooked when considering cost efficiencies. This is despite the fact every business, regardless of size or industry, consumes energy. It’s also the case that due to the fundamental nature of energy utilities that most businesses do not actively check their energy rates with a view to ensuring that they are on the optimal tariff for their needs. Unfortunately, this often means that customers are paying far more than they need to.

JHL’s utilities service allows our clients to focus on operating their business whilst we ensure that their energy contracts utilise the best possible rates. For many this can result in thousands of pounds worth of savings. In addition, we’ll handle any billing & service queries you may have via your named account manager.

Our utilities service includes:

  • Direct access to all the major energy providers and their product sets
  • Bespoke contracts and rates direct with suppliers
  • Named Account Manager
  • Full Bill Analysis and price comparison across all major suppliers
  • Service optimisation aligning all sites, services and contract end dates
  • Varied contract options ranging from monthly to 5 year contracts.
  • Full account and administrative set-up

If you’d like us to review any aspect of your energy consumption, it’s as simple as sending us a full copy of your billing. We’ll then conduct a full analysis, work out your existing rates, and then determine the best rates (and suppliers) available to your business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.