Business Mobiles

The UK has around 91,500,000 live mobile connections of which nearly 40,000,000 use 4G speeds and over 71% use smart phones ( We conduct business, on the go, across multiple platforms and mediums (web, voice, email, facebook…etc) but most importantly our customers, suppliers and colleagues now expect a response within hours as opposed to days. Business mobiles and the speed with which we communicate are an integral part of our business strategies.

At JHL we design mobile solutions around your company’s requirements & strategy taking into account the latest technology and mobile services. We ensure that our client’s adopt the mobile technology that’s right for their business. If your priority is increasing security levels then it’ll also be ours. Our mobile solutions include as standard:

  • A named Consultant for initial business analysis and consultation
  • A named Project Manager for initial account set-up, project management, and implementation.
  • A named Account Manager who handles all day to day queries.
  • A named Solution Specialist to advise on any future telecom projects you may be considering
  • Proactive account management, support and advice.
  • Our bespoke, industry specific, CRM (The Layer) which provides client access and visibility on historical & live queries.
  • Online billing and management tools.
  • Loan/Trial handsets and technology.
  • Access to all major networks, manufacturers, and software services.
  • Decades of accumulated industry experience and expertise.
  • Industry standard term(s) and conditions – no contentious terms or hidden clauses.
  • Multi-Product services and support.

If you are in the process of reviewing your business mobile account and would like to investigate ways to make your mobile technology work harder for you then we’d love to design the solution you need.